Information concerning Coronavirus disease COVID-19

coronavirus disease prescription

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Information concerning Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Information concerning Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Sossano 3/03/2020 (updated 06/04/2020)
update: we are open

We remain OPEN

Dear Customer and Supplier,
Following a motivated company decision and given the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22/03/2020, normal production activities within our company continue regularly according to the security measures adopted.

We was closed only from 30th of march until 3 April for company sanification

in relation to the alert generated by Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Italy, we would like to inform you that no employee of our company is currently affected by the virus.

For our staff, we have taken the precautions prescribed by the competent Italian authorities to best protect their health during the work in our plant.

At the moment we have problems in the stocks of Variators and gearbox of SITI HYDROEMC VARMEC brands that stopped its production. Many other suppliers stopped its productions; in this case and as far as possible with the approval of our customers, we will try to find other solutions, involving alternative qualified suppliers possessing the required skills. For the other suppliers we believe that supply interruptions are unlikely, but the situation change day per day. We continuously monitor the evolution of the situation.

In addition, we take this opportunity to inform you of the actions taken to ensure the best continuity of economic activities, in compliance with the provisions issued by the competent Italian authorities (Prime Ministerial Decree 22/03/2020). Therefore:

Our commercial network is active and, to minimize physical contacts, it also operates through digital mobility means, including the Skype platform to facilitate business meetings that would require the involvement of more people.

The delivery of goods takes place normally, directly from our factory in Sossano VI (we accept all forwarders but we request to observe all the prescription as below annex).

The remote technical support service is active via skype, to allow the necessary consultations to solve less complex issues.

To avoid the stop of production as ordered to the Italian government all the goods can circulate in all these area, so the deliveries is guaranteed. We do, however, monitor the Ministry’s website and media to determine if some of the areas we co-operate with can become “red” due to new outbreaks. If this happens, we are already organized, as far as possible and with the approval of the client, to involve qualified alternative suppliers having the required skills and located outside the forbidden areas. We remain close to the communities most affected by this situation and hope for everyone to return to normal in the shortest time.

We thank you for your attention and extend our best regards.



Nova Rotors srl
Legal Rappresentative
Carla Dovigo



Sossano 6/03/2020

To all employees and visitors who enter in the Nova Rotors factory

To access in our plant and for the loading unloading of the the goods all people, loading worker and forwarder need to use the mask  and protective gloves.

Before entering to  the offices, wait to be authorized and do not continue beyond the entrance reception.

Hygiene measures:

  1. a) if you suspect you are ill or assist sick people you don’t enter in our plant.
  2. b) wash your hands often. Hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand washing are available;
  3. c) avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections
  4. d) do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
  5. e) cover his mouth and nose if he sneezes or coughs;
  6. f) do not take antiviral drugs and antibiotics, unless they are prescribed by the doctor;
  7. g) clean the surfaces with chlorine or alcohol based disinfectants;

Also avoid handshakes as much as possible, keep a safety distance of at least one meter.



We report the update of 11th march after New Prime minister decree

These are the red areas listed in the decree Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri 11 marzo 2020: