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POMPES Alimentaire


Les pompes X alimentaires sont fabriquées entièrement en acier aisi 316. Elles ont été projetées de manière a atteindre des standard hygieniques élévés, avec l’élimination de possibles points de stagnation, ou le stationnement des impurités pourrait contaminer le produit. L’exécution de la machine a été conçue pour faciliter un nettoyage complet, rapide et optimal: sur demande, la pompe est douée de prise CIP.

DÉBIT MAX : 60 m3 /h
PRESSION : 6 bar
NPSHr: 3 m
GRANDEURS DISPONIBLES :  de 020-2 a 320-1


- NBR - NBR Food grade
- EPDM- EPDM Food grade
- CSM (out production from 01-01-2010)
- Other on request

- steel C40 chromed
- stainless steel 304
- stainless steel 316
- stainless steel 304 HCP
- stainless steel 316 HCP
- nitride steel
- hardened steel
- ceramic steel
- Duplex

- stainless steel 316
- duplex SAF 2205
- Stainless steel 630
-Hardened steel 420B

- Ring oil seal - Mechanical seal
- Double mechanical seal “back to back”
- Mechanical seal for food
- Mechanical seal with “quench” (on request)
- Packing seal
- Packing seal with flushing (on request)

Stainless steel
Pump body / outlet flange: S.S 316 / DUPLEX
- CIP on request
Available connections:
- BSP (Gas)
- Flanges DIN 2501
- Flanges ANSI RF150
- DIN 11851
- Clamp
- Macon
- Clamp fitting Garolla
- Other if requested.
- Flange diam. 160 / 200 / 250 / 300 mm related to the
pumps sizes
- Female drive shaft S.S. 316
- Diam. 19 / 24 / 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35 / 40 mm related
to the pumps sizes




Disponibili su richiesta - Available on request


Choose the exact model type to see the standard pump dimensional drawings availables





- Reserved Area -


Pompe monovite - Portate


MODEL l/min at 1bar bar MAX RPM MAX
020-2 28 12 1000
020-4 28 24 1000
020-8 28 48 1000
030-1 90 6 1000
030-2 90 12 1000
030-4 90 24 1000
030-8 90 48 1000
040-1 117 6 660
040-2 117 12 660
042-1 200 6 500
050-3 117 18 660
053-4 167 24 500
053-8 167 48 500
055-1 200 6 500
055-2 200 12 500
055-4 200 24 500
057-1 330 6 500
060-4 400 24 500
060-8 400 48 500
062-1 400 6 500
062-2 400 12 500
080-1 450 6 500
080-2 450 12 500
120-1 917 6 500
120-2 917 12 500
120-4 917 24 500
200-1 1000 6 400
300-1 1330 6 400
300-2 1330 12 400
300-4 1330 24 400
320-1 2000 6 400
400-1 2000 6 350
400-2 2000 12 350
500-1 3330 6 300
500-2 3330 12 300
520-1 6670 6 300




Disponibili su richiesta - Available on request



Dry running protection device

Dry running of our pumps causes damages to stator making it destroyed. Pump working without medium inside makes internal temperature sharply increasing. That increase is relieved by the thermal probe which, when applied on Nova Rotors pumps, stops operation of pump and avoid the stator going burned.
- Connect the white cable of probe upto plug n°9 of thermoregulator.
- Connect one red cable of probe upto plug n°8 of thermoregulator.
- Connect plug °8 and n°9 of thermoregulator by a bridge.
- Swich on the pump, it starts to operate.
- Check on the display of thermoregulator the normal level of internal temperature when the pump is operating.
- Press button “SET” just one time for less than 3 seconds.
- The Notice "SP1" appears visible
- Press button “SET” just one time again.
- The thermoregulator's display shows the temperature to be setted up for the stop of machine.
- Select by button “arrows”, suggested level is 1-2 degrees upper the normal working temperature.
- Press button "SET" to confirm the data
- Press button "FNC" to exit set up.



For start-stop and protection of motor

Nova Rotors pump may be supplied with an electric control panel customized for any need.
The control panel may be placed near the pump on a specific little structure or supplied with cables enough long in order to place it far from the pump.
All control panels we supply are following CE rules, furnished with switch for start and stop of pump, protection device of electric engine, stop button, switch for changing the direction of pumped fluid, cable with plug for connection to electrical network, type 3 P + T , 10 mt. long.

Nova Rotors range of proposals includes many applications:
- Thermoregulator and thermal probe (dry run protection)
- Flow switch (dry run protection for liquid medium)
- Speed motor variation through frequency converter included on control panel
- Keybord for remote control
- Pressure switch (over pressure protection)
- Speed motor variation with engines having two polarities
- Probes signalling level of medium
- Switch for empty-barriques
We may supply also:
- Acoustic signals
- Connection to any device external to the pump
- Timer
- Any other specific request



Base API 676 fixing the pump

All Nova Rotors progressive cavity pumps can be supplied on request with basapalate in accordance with API 676.
This accessory is built following the rules API 676. The baseplate longer and wider, incorporates a tray to collect liquid in accordance with API 676 3rd ed. Available in the following materials:
- Carbon steel
- Aisi 304



Base fixing the pump

All Nova Rotors pumps may be supplied with baseplate.
This equipment is built with omega profile in order to make it very resistant to any shock, mechanical stress, weight. It makes easy fixing the pump through fitted holes.
For bearing housing pumps the baseplate is requested to correctly place the pump aligned with the motor group.
Available in following materials:
- Stainless steel 304
- Carbon steel St52.0



Dry running protection device

Dry running of our pumps causes damages to stator making it destroyed.
The "product presence electronic control" is very efficient most of all with low viscosity medium. That switch operates in connection with a probe placed at suction port of pump checking the presence of entering medium.
The probe in the mean time is connected to an electronic device immediately stopping the pump when the probe is not gathering presence of medium.
Is possible to set up the sensitivity of the flow switch and the time requested for stopping the pump. The flow switch is especially used in enologic and food fields.



Overpressure device

In order to avoid problems of overpressure on discharge arm a safety valve may be applied on the pump, connected to a circuit called “by-pass” automatically actioned when the working pressure goes over the safety level setted up.
- Unscrew the cover placed on top of valve.
- Rotate the ring, anti clock wise to increase the flux of pumped medium passing through the by-pass and clock wise to decrease the flux.
- In order to reach better precision of overpressure setup a manometer would be helpful (not included).
- Stainless steel 316
- Stainless steel 304
- Carbon steel
- Cast iron



It makes easy to move the pump

Nova Rotors screw pump may be supplied with a trolley having wheels and brakes.
It is a solution for the applications requesting several different displacements of pump or just to help the maintenance moving the pump placed under some installation.
Nova rotors propose several configuration of trolley in front of different models of pump and different needs of customers, they are built with following materials:
- 304 stainless steel
- Carbonium steel



Automatic device switch on and switch off pump

Dry running of our pumps causes damages to stator making it destroyed.
With the use of the probes, applyed to the hopper, we can manage automatically the switch on and switch off of the machine, relating to the level of the fluid to pump.
The functioning of the probe is connected to a sensor for the min. and for the max and to a electronic device.
Is possible to set up the sensitivity of the flow switch and the time requested for stopping the pump. The flow switch is especially used in enologic and food fields.



Spacers ground

the feet spacer allows to dostane pump-baseplate from the ground in order to have more clearing.



Crush whole product as fruit, vegetable…

The grinder kit can be installed on a progressing cavity pump when there is the request to obtain a crushed product as fruit, vegetables, avoiding other kind and more expensive machines like the grinder or the annihilator.
This kit consists on blades in hardened steel with high mechanical resistence and a holed plate and it can have the holes with the needed dimensions.
All pumps can accept this kind of grinder kit.



Device for the pressure control

In order to avoid the overpressure on the delivery site, the pump can be endowed of the pressure switch and connected to a control panel it stop the pump when the pressure exceed the lay out value.
You can use the pressure switch even against the dry running and in this case it has to be set up in order to stop the pump when there is not pressure on the delivery site.



It maintains constant the temperature of the fluid

If you have to pump a product that must maintain a sure temperature, the pc pump can be equipped of a system that allows through a flow af vapor or liquid of heating, to maintain constant the temperature of the fluid during the tranfer of the same one.



The cleaning in place allow a cleaning

The cleaning in place allow a careful pressure cleaning where hygienic standard is request.


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