Pumps DH-JH Diamond Series

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Hopper Industrial Series

The Diamond Series with hopper an auger feed screw to convey directly the product to hydraulic part, are the ideal machines for pumping viscous and non-flowing, with a very high solids content.
DH and JH Series is the basic version with rectangular hopper and auger feed the hydraulics. The length is customizable depending on application. Suitable for pumping substances poorly flowing up to 18% of dry substance which does not tend to form a bridge. The DH and JN series are distinguished for the type of fitting of the pump to the drive.


  • DH Series: the drive is coupled directly to the pump via a flange. This solution is extremely cheap and compact, considerably reducing installation costs and simplifying maintenance. The stress generated by the hydraulic part is supported by the drive itself. Each drive used is adequately selected based on their specific technical parameters and are subject to numerous duration tests with heavy loads.

DH series


  • JH Series: the drive is connected to the shaft inlet via a coupling joint. This configuration is the best solution in terms of performance and durability. All the stress generated by the pump is absorbed by the bearings in the housing. These bearings have very high resistance against loads. They are assembled with extreme precision on the highest quality manufactured parts. It is the best solution when you want to guarantee duration and reliability, yet with greater installation space requirements. The bearing housing designed by us is modular and can be installed after a pump with the JX series block housing. It is state of the art for this type of installation


JH series


Typical applicationsTable of Models Detailed CharacteristicsStrenghtsVideoInquiry requestSpare Parts request

Sewage sludge
Water Treatment
Industrial sludge
Detergents and product for chemical industry
Product of papermaking industry
Product derived from petro-chemical
Marine Industry

Operating range


Up to110m³/h
Up to 24 bar for the standard series (48bar for the series K8)
from -40°C until to 150°C

Flow and Pressure

SizeModelQmax 2 bar [m³/h]rpm maxP max [bar]




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Spare parts request

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Casing material

Base materials:
S275JR, AISI 304, AISI 316

Materials of the sealing shaft

Base materials:
AISI 420, AISI 304, AISI 316, F51(Duplex), F55 (Super Duplex)
Hardened Chrome plated HCP
Chrome oxide plasma (ceramic coating)

Rotor material

Base materials:
AISI 420, AISI 304, AISI 316, F51(Duplex), F55 (Super Duplex)
Heat treatments:
Hardening induction (only on AISI 420)
Hardened Chrome plated HCP
Chrome oxide plasma (ceramic coating)
Tungsten carbide HVOF

Stator material

Base materials:
NBR, food grade NBR, white NBR food grade
EPDM, EPDM food grade, white EPDM food grade
FPM, FPM food grade
HNBR, HNBR food grade
Buna-N ( available on select models on request)
HYPALON (available on select models on request)
PTFE (available on select models on request)

Base plates
Base plates

standard Base
Base with anti-vibration housing (feet spacer)
Base with risers
Skid with lifting devices
Cart for industrial sector (trolley)
Cart for food grade and winery sector
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations)

Flange UNI 2278 PN16 for pumps at 1 and 2 stage
Flange UNI 2284 or 6084 PN40 for inlet unions for pumps at 4 stage
Flange UNI 2285 PN64 for inlet unions for pumps at 8 stage
Threaded connection GAS BSP
Sealing system
Gland packing seal B01
Gland seal with flushing B02 (flushed according to API PLAN 51, 52, 55)
Single mechanical seal G0K9 (API PLAN 2 or flushed according to API PLAN 11, 32)
Single mechanical seal with Quench Q0K9 (flushed according to API PLAN 51, 52, 55)
Back-to-back double mechanical seal D0K9 (flushed according to API PLAN 53A, 54)
Tandem double mechanical seal K0K9 (flushed according to API PLAN 52, 53A, 55)
Single or double cartridge seals als in API 682 version category 1
(For construction details, see the brochure sealing systems and seals)
Optional for transmission shaft
Protector joint
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations )
Protection devices
Temperature probe for dry running protection (standard in the ATEX version)
Flow switch
Pressure switch
Flanged overpressure valve
Hygienic overpressure valve
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations )
Control devices
Control panel
Control panel with inverter
Drive with integrated inverter
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations )
Equipment and optional
Stator heating jacket
Heating jacket for hopper
Stainless steel stator cover
CIP connection
Outlet eccentric pipe
Separate entrance
Tangential flanged connection or with threaded connection
Barrel flushing
Coupling flange
Hermetic coupling flange
Carter to protect the motorization
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations )
API 676 third edition