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Folder with a collection of images about monopumps mounted in various types of installations/plants and on exhibitions where we participated

From oil Refinery plant -Raffineria. MN pump used in a refinery plant MN pump used in a refinery […]

oil Refinery plant

“JN-Pump Installation types on oil fields” From Oil & Gas Multiphase boosting. JN pump Installation for Multiphase Boosting. […]

Pump JN

“All’interno della complessa gamma Baioni spicca, per compattezza e prestazioni, il sistema per la disidratazione fanghi BaiPod. Completo […]

Pump Diamond Series 30L1

“casing in carbon steel, stator in Nbr, rotor in stainless steel Aisi 304 hard chrome plated, cross joint […]

Gaza WWTP project

“JN Pump Skid project” From Oil and gas plant skid. Multiphase Pump Skid including liquid hold-up tank and […]

Oil and gas plant skid

From Industrial Waste treatment – Impianto di trattamento industriale. DN series DN series DN series DN series […]

Industrial Waste treatment

From Tannery plant-impianti prodotti per al concia. DN SERIS – VARIOUS SIZE DN SERIS – VARIOUS SIZE DN […]

Tannery plant

“Used in a collection plant for Grape with rasps, Grape without rasps ,and pumping the must in tank” […]

wine plant

“This plant use DN and DHS and DV (vertical) pumps. This plant is able to produce electric energy […]

Biogas Plant

“Pumps Pictures about various plants Foto varie di Impianti in ciu sono installate le pompe” From Various plants […]

Various plants –

“Nova Rotors Office and production The new home of novarotors is the plant of Sossano in vicenza” From […]

Office Nova Rotors

“Venerdì 20 Marzo 2015 Meeting Agenti in Nova Rotors e cena pre meeting assieme agli agenti Italia. Friday, […]

Meeting Agenti Italia 2015

“MH pump with customized hopper – Pompa MH con tramoggia personalizzata in base alle esigenze del cliente” From […]


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DV a Vertical pump