Pumps DM-JM Dosing Diamond Series



Flanged Industrial Series

The Diamond DM, JM and FM series are the best solution for the industrial sector in the dosing of a wide range of fluids. They are a byword for stability, reliability, performance and application flexibility.
Designed according to the most demanding of requirements, they are suitable for the dosing of viscous and non-viscous substances, with or without solids of any nature, they are the ideal solution for those looking for a standard high-tech product with a cost benefit ratio which is unparalleled in the current landscape of progressive cavity pumps.
The DM, JM and FM series is distinguished by the type of coupling of the pump to the drive.


  • DM Series: The drive is coupled directly to the pump via a flange. This solution is highly economical and compact, and significantly reduces installation costs and simplifies maintenance. The stresses generated by the hydraulic section are taken up by the drive itself. Each drive used has been selected according to strict technical parameters and subjected to numerous endurance tests under heavy loads. The DM series is the benchmark for almost all pumps installed in the industry.

  • JM Series: The drive is connected to the pump input shaft via a coupling joint. This is the best solution in terms of performance and durability. All forces generated by the pump are absorbed by the bearings in the support. These bearings have a very high resistance to loads. They are mounted with extreme precision on components of the highest levels of construction quality. This is the best solution when optimum levels of durability and reliability are required with increased installation space. The bearing housing we have designed is modular and can be installed later in a pump with a DM series close coupled housing. This is the state of the art for this type of installation.





  •  FM Series: The drive is connected directly to the pump via a flange of the modular bearing unit. This is the most versatile solution because it allows to use gearbox with flange and standard output shaft, the connection with hydraulic and pneumatic motors, by keeping the simplicity and the compactness of the classic coupling flange solution and at the same time it ensures total reversibility and higher performance of the bearing unit. This modular bearing unit can be applied on all the Diamond series pumps and it allows a quick maintenance of the drive. FN is synonym of modularity and reliability with any kind of drive.



Typical applicationsTable of Models Detailed CharacteristicsStrenghtsVideoInquiry requestSpare Parts request

Water treatment
Industrial detergents and chemicals
Paper industry substances
Water treatment
Petrochemical derivatives
Shipbuilding industry

Operating range


Up to 2.7 m³/h
Up to 24 bar for the standard series
from -40°C until to 150°C

Flow and Pressure

SizeModelQmax 2 bar [m³/h]rpm maxP max [bar]

Patented Pin Joint:

Pin type, the true heart of the progressive cavity pump,represents the best solution in this category on the market.Superior in durability, reliability and maintenance costs, itcombines extreme compactness  with unrivalled stability.




The parts in contact with the product of the DN and JN Diamond Series pumps can be manufactured in various materials. From the version in cast iron to stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316), as well as other materials on request such as Duplex and Super Duplex. Also, in the version in cast iron, the rotating parts are still manufactured in stainless steel AISI 420 or on request in AISI 304 / AISI 316.

Low pulsating flows:

Very low tensional stresses and pulsation. The centrifugal effect is minimised due to low operating speeds and the predominantly axial extension of the pump.

Shaft sealing:

Different sealing systems can be installed, eachsolution being suitable for a specific application. The types available are: single internal mechanical seal, single mechanical seal with quench, double opposing mechanical seal, double tandem mechanical seal.


The Diamond series is based on the concept in terms of each single feature: hydraulic parts, casing, seals, base-plates, housings, transmission shafts. Each component can be manufactured in a number of variants without changing the structure of the machine, while keeping the main components standard.





Durability, efficiency, reliability and low consumption. With the Diamond series, we have reached the
highest levels of technological development in each single aspect.


The Diamond series is designed to be versatile in all its range of uses, which is why it can be equipped with options and accessories suitable for all fields of application. In addition, the special features of progressive cavity pumps are naturally exploited when pumping fluids of various types, from low to very high viscosity, clear or containing solids of various types and sizes.


All drives installed on the Diamond series have been extensively tested and subject to stringent, rigorous technical testing. All reducers and motor-inverter models have certain features in terms of stability, bearing size and gear quality. Drives with on-board inverters are the main solution in the field of metering pumps.


Standard at the highest level, outstanding operating efficiency due to excellent volumetric performance even at high pressures and minimal consumption. All Diamond Series hydraulics have been calculated to provide the best that can be found on the market today.


Each component is manufactured to very strict quality specifications. Finishing and precision of each single component are the foundation of each single pump manufactured. All components are subject to specific controls based on their features and functionality.


  The Diamond series is designed to be easy to maintain, with only a minimum number of components that need to be replaced. Maintenance costs are thus reduced. The cost of the machine over its entire life cycle is highly competitive.

higher Long life cost benefit


Cost / benefit :

The compact design of the components in the Diamond series combines unrivalled technical features with very competitive costs. Modularity makes it possible to provide the right solutions for the application without having to pay for features that are not required, all for the benefit of competitiveness.

Priming Capacity:

The special features of the hydraulic parts of the progressive cavity pump allow for excellent priming capacities. Diamond series pumps have been designed to create the lowest possible pressure drop in the pump casing, due to large sections and a compact, fluid-dynamic coupling design.

Ease of installation:

The pumps of the Diamond series are easy to install due to their compactness, simplicity of operation and operational flexibility which is down to the various set-ups that are available.

Detailed documentation:

Each pump is accompanied by clear, detailed operating instructions. Orders are followed up by experienced, qualified staff who integrate detailed order and product-specific documentation into the shipment.

user-maintenance-manual for each pump


Application questionnaire

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Offer request

Offer request

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Spare parts request

Spare parts request

for the section spare parts of the pump you can see here for:diamond series-wobble pumps or MN series
for the other series you can finad on the web site, in case follow the sample video help (click here)


Casing material

Base materials:
CF8M (AISI 316), polypropylene PP
ECTFE fluoropolymer (Halar®)

Materials of the sealing shaft

Base materials:
AISI 316, F51 (Duplex), F55 (Super Duplex)
Titanium, Hastelloy C276

Rotor materials

Base materials:
AISI 316, F51(Duplex), F55 (Super Duplex)
Titanium, Hastelloy C276
Plasma Chromium Oxide (ceramics)

Stator materials

Base materials:
NBR, food-grade NBR, food-grade white NBR
EPDM, food-grade EPDM, food-grade white EPDM
FPM, food-grade FPM
HNBR, food-grade HNBR
Food-grade SILICONE
Buna-N (only on some models on request)
HYPALON (only on some models on request)
PTFE (only on some models on request)

Base plates
Base plates

standard Base
Base with adjustable anti-vibration, hygienic feet
Base with risers
Trolley for industrial sector
Trolley for food / wine sector
(For construction details, refer to the options, accessories and set-ups

BSP GAS threaded fittings.
Threaded connection GAS BSP
Sealing systems
Single mechanical seal G0K9
Double mechanical seal Back to Back D0K9 (requires pressurised flushing)
Double tandem mechanical seal K0K9 (requires reservoir/flushing)
Single or double cartridge seals
Flushing systems available in accordance with API regulations
(For construction details, see sealing systems and seals brochure)
Optional for coupling rod
Joint protection
Coupling rod with feed screw
Anti-settling impeller
Balanced hydraulic joint
(For details, see the brochure constructive options, equipment and installations )
Protection devices
Temperature probe for dry running protection (standard in the ATEX version)
Flow switch
Pressure switch
Overpressure valve
Sanitary overpressure valve
(For construction details, refer to the options, accessories and set-ups brochure )
Control devices
Electrical panel
Electrical panel with inverter
Motor with integrated inverter
(For construction details, refer to the options, accessories and set-ups
Set-up optionals
Stator heating jacket
Pump casing heating jacket
Bypass with threaded fittings
Flushing reservoir
Drive protection casing
(For construction details, refer to the options, accessories and set-ups
Brochure DN JN FN Reihe Industrie-Pumpe

Brochure DN JN FN Reihe Industrie-Pumpe
Diamond Baureihe Exzenterschnecken
lang: Deutsch

Brochure DN JN FN Pompes industrielles

Brochure DN JN FN Pompes industrielles
Diamond Series Pompes à cavité progressive
lang: Francais

Brochure DN JN FN Industrial

Brochure DN JN FN Industrial
Diamond Series Progressing Cavity Pumps
lang: English

Brochure DN JN FN Industriale

Brochure DN JN FN Industriale
Diamond Series Pompe a Cavità Progressiva
lang: Italiano



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