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 ETHICS CODE (Code of conduct)

The “Code of Ethics” is a document that regulates the guidelines and standards of conduct by which it gives effect to the principles that enrich the corporate decision-making and guiding behavior.
Taken together, these principles and values ​​defined in the Code of Ethics provide the basis for all those who work in society, taking into account the position, roles, duties, functions and responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the goals of the company .

The behavior indicated by the code align perfectly to the conduct relevant to the complete and proper performance of the obligations of fidelity and diligence expected of managers and employees and the general obligation of good faith by employees due to any reason or by providers of services .

Each director, employee, freelancer is therefore directed to comply with the standards contained in this Code in carrying out its functions, also carried out on behalf of companies from third parties.

The Company Nova Rotors Ltd aims the widest dissemination of this code of ethics so as to disseminate both internally and externally a culture of legality and propriety in the conduct of the business and supervision and management of risks relating to their activities.

With resolution of the Board of Directors, this Code of Ethics may be amended and supplemented, including on the basis of the suggestions and the possible directions from the Compliance Committee. The same Board of Directors will also take the necessary measures in order to carry out verification and monitoring the implementation of the Code of Ethics, providing penalties for its violation.

This code of ethics is likely to constitute a prodromal Organisation and Management governed by D. Decree 231/01, which it will – in the case of the preparation – an integral part. It is attached a copy of all viewable in to the company website.


Politica Qualità e sicurezza
Politica Qualità e sicurezza

Politica Qualità e sicurezza aziendale Italiano




The attention to safety issues has always been for NOVA ROTORS an element of considerable importance, especially in view of the type of activities performed and the risks related to production activities.

Thus ensure an high level of security, obtained with the more complete cooperation of all staff, has long been the prerogative of the organization for these aspects has always invested significant resources.

In this context, NOVA ROTORS believes that the adoption and maintenance of a system Security management, compliance with the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:07, constitutes
a guarantee in respect of their customers / clients and all stakeholders, an organization focused on continuous improvement of the effectiveness of management
issues related to health and safety at work.

In particular, management believes that the organization must operate constantly taking consideration the following principles:
— ensure that its activities are carried out in accordance with current legislation health and safety at work, in addition to the requirements and procedures;
— involve the staff in the implementation of SSL, using continuous awareness of safety issues in the workplace;
— involvement and awareness among its suppliers and subcontractors on OSH issues, the same way as is done for their employees.

The Direction therefore invites all staff to provide that the above principles and improvement goals that are set are met, and improve the staff to checking continuously effectiveness in the time.




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