TG Terminator Series

TG Terminator Grinder Series 

Welcome in the “New Era” of grinders!
An uniform and correct treatment of solids is necessary in wastewater application and sludge handling system.
However, it is often difficult to choose the right solution at the right cost.
Our TG series for solids size reduction it is one of the most innovative solutions that you can found in the market.
We are proud for the extremely tough design combined with a flexible internal component configuration.
This is the best approach to achieve benefits while preserving savings.
Furthermore, the accessories and options that we designed allow us to create YOUR shredder.

The main features and benefits of the grinders are:


  • Equipment protection
  • Protect your pumps from the solids part
  • Increases the lifetime of components subject to wear
  • Protect your critical equipment from damages due to tough solids
  • Your unforeseen shutdown will significant decrease


  • Proper treatment operations
  • We block the inorganic material, organic stay in the process
  • More material processed means less waste compared to screening
  • Reduction of the organic material improve the quality of your process


  • Operating cost decrease
  • Choose a smaller piping and pumps
  • Shorter pump run cycles and lower electrical power consumption
  • Better cleaning of the plants



TGR = Standard version, cantilever design.
TGS = Strong version with second bearing housing for heavy duty application.
TGC = Standard version with stone catcher.






Brochure TG
Brochure TG

Brochure TG
Trituratore terminator Series

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Brochure TG
Brochure TG

Brochure TG
grinder terminator Series

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