API 676 pumps series

What is API 676 API 676 is a standard established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) […]

Pumps API 676

OIL AND GAS The need of Oil and Gas production becomes more and more interesting, as the […]

Oil and Gas Industry

SLUDGE TREATMENT INDUSTRY The sludge treatment industry arises from problems linked to the treatment of civil and […]

Waste and sludge treatment

PUMPS for PAPER MAKING INDUSTRY Pulp and paper industry Paper making has ancient origins which are […]

Paper making Industry

BIOGAS INDUSTRY Organic matter for fermentation to produce cheap, renewable energy has been one of modern society’s […]

Biogas Industry

OLIVE OIL INDUSTRY   The Olive oil is one of our most familiar, widely used products as it […]

Olive Oil Industry

WINE INDUSTRY   Progressive cavity pumps are ideal for the various process stages as they convey the fluid […]

Wine Industry

Pumps solution for the Bakery Industry Progressive cavity pumps, also known as single-screw pumps, find significant application in […]

Pumps in Bakery and Diary Industry   Aggiornato recentemente!

CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY The chemical and also the pharmaceutical Industry became one of the most […]

Chemical industry

  POR FESR 2014-2020 Azione 1.1.2 – “Sostegno per l’acquisto di servizi per l’innovazione tecnologica, strategica, organizzativa e […]

POR Intervento fondo Regione Veneto